Fairview at Artist Lake is made up of 3 board of directors & an HOA. Each community (Fv1, FV2, and Artist Lake) has a board of directors that oversee their communities. The financials are completely separate as well as the rate for common charges. Each of board of directors appoint members of the community to be on the HOA which oversee common areas shared by all 3 communities.

Above you can see the breakdown of the 4 managing entities. Pink is FV2 property, Green is FV1, yellow is Artist Lake, and blue is HOA property.

Some of the amenities available to FV2 residents are a pool, gym, pool table, sauna, and playground.

*please note due to COVID-19 not all amenities are open and available.

If you are looking to get in touch with the management company for HOA property only (pool, main road, front entrance, playground etc..) please contact :

Alexander & Wolf

1 Dupont St # 200, Plainview, NY 11803